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Senapati Tourist Places

Senapati is rich in natural beauty with hill ranges, valleys and rivers meandering among the hills. As such, there is lot of flora and fauna in the district. The Senapati town itself is a sight to beckon. The town is rich in natural beauty and the amazing topology attracts tourists from all around. From the Dzukou valley which provides a terrain rich in vegetation to Mao and Makhel located nearby, Senapati is an ideal destination for tourists. Some of the tourist hotspots in this district are:

Sadu Chiru waterfall
Maram Khullen
Dzukou valley
Kaubru Mountain
Kaubru Leikha
How to reach

Sadu Chiru waterfall

Sadu Chiru waterfallSadu Chiru waterfall is a popular waterfall located at the Sadu Chiru village, a tribal village in Sadar hills of Senapati district. The fall is situated near Ichum Keirap village. It is 27 km from Imphal. The waterfall is an ideal picnic spot. The site is visited by hundreds of tourists.

The natural vegetation surrounding the waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful. The waterfall due to its natural vegetation and rocky surrounding forms a major attraction for the local people. The waterfall consists of three falls. The first fall is about thirty metres high. There is a newly constructed park situated on the side of the fall. The park is called Agape park. The park is managed and owned by Kamlun Telien of Ichum Keirap.

Maram Khullen:

This is one of the biggest and oldest villages of the state of Manipur. It is very old and primitive village and is a good aspect for study of anthropologists and research scholars.


This is another important village of the district. It is the largest Zemei village and is located around 47 kms from the Maram Center in the Peren road. One can still have a glimpse of the earlier primitive and traditional lifestyle. The village is set amidst the beautiful backdrop of a valley.


This is the last town of Manipur near the border with Nagaland. It is located around 107 kms from the Manipur state capital Imphal and 28 kms from Kohima in Nagaland. One can access this village on route from Imphal to Dimapur. The place is located at an elevation of 5762 feet from sea level and is of great historical significance. The most fascinating structure in this village is the 100 years old Inspection Bungalow which was constructed in 1897.  The Mao Nagas live here in this village. This village is considered as the granary of the neighboring villages. This place presents both Naga and Manipuri culture.


This village is located around 33 kms from Tadubi and is the home to many historical places like the stone monolith, water ponds, male house, female house and so on. The Barak river has its origin source in this village.


Makhel is the most important place of the district. It is a sacred place associated with the origin of Naga and Meitei tribes. This village is most famous for the farewell monolith which commemorates the parting ways of three brothers who were the sons of the first Mao in the Mao legend. It is also famous for the tri monoliths, banyan trees, village settlement stone etc. Mt. Isu is the highest peak of the entire region.

Dzukou valley:

This is a valley located near Makhel on the border of the states of Manipur and Nagaland. The Dzukou lily is a beautiful valley found only in this valley. the word ‘Dzukou’ derives its meaning  from Angami/Mao word which means ‘cold water’ in reference to the ice cold stream that flow through the Dzukou valley. This valley is situated at an altitude of 2438 meters above sea level behind the Japfu peak. This pace can be reached by trekking from the border town of Mao. The place receives snowfall in winter and looks beautiful during spring with the natural beauty.


Purul is a small town located around 19 kms from Maram Khullen. It is mostly well known for the indigenous games like Toutou and wrestling which are played here. The Toutou game is played during the New Year festival whereas wrestling is traditionally played on the eve of paddy transplantation festival which is known as Paoki festival. This festival is held on the first fortnight of the month of May.

Kaubru Mountain:

This is one of the highest peaks in Manipur. It is a holy place for the people of Manipur and is the origin for many clans and tribes of Manipur. It is the most sacred place in Meitei folklore and religion. According to mythology, it is said that Pandavas visited this place. There is a long cave which passes through the mountain.

Kaubru Leikha:

This is one of the pious mountains of Manipur located on National Highway 39. There is a 300 year old Lord Koubru temple in the foothills of the mountain. The devotees who come here offer prayers and devotion in the name of Lord Koubru or Lord Shiva. The Shivratri festival is celebrated with much festivity here. The temple is situated on the banks of the Imphal River.

How to reach:

  • By Road: The National Highway 39 passes from the south to the north end of the district. It is connected to the neighboring places by road. There are buses and taxis to Senapati. 
  • By Air: The nearest airport is located in Imphal.
  • By Rail: The nearest railway station is located in Dimapur in Nagaland.

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